Samples and Averages: When Are They Classy? | ABA Antitrust Spring Meeting 2017


The 65th American Bar Association Antitrust Spring Meeting will take place March 28-31 in Washington, DC. The four-day conference brings together thousands of antitrust and competition professionals from around the world to share knowledge about all aspects of competition and consumer protection law.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Laila Haider will speak on the panel, “Samples and Averages: When Are They Classy?” In light of recent decisions to permit (e.g. Tyson Foods) and disallow (e.g. Wal-Mart) the use of statistical analyses to establish class certification, liability, and damages, both plaintiffs and defendants must critically assess the current class action landscape. Dr. Haider and her fellow panelists will discuss key topics including the economic and legal standards that should be applied in class or collective litigation, how plaintiffs can advance the use of representative evidence, and when defendants may want to agree to or challenge this advancement.

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