Dr. Mario A. Lopez is an expert in the application of rigorous economic methods to a wide range of complex legal disputes and regulatory matters. He specializes in developing economic and statistical models to provide clients with careful analyses of intellectual property and antitrust disputes across a variety of contexts and industries and has been an expert witness.

In intellectual property, Dr. Lopez regularly analyzes reasonable royalty and lost profits damages in patent infringement disputes, breach of contracts, and is retained to analyze licensing agreements and practices for multinational firms. He is an expert in the economic valuations of patents and other forms of intellectual property. 

In antitrust, Dr. Lopez develops and applies econometric models to assess damages in price fixing and monopolization allegations. His experience spans a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals and biotech, telecommunications, and computer software and hardware.

Dr. Lopez regularly writes articles and gives presentations to address new economic issues that arise in courts. He recently coauthored a paper with Dr. Greg K. Leonard and Dr. Elizabeth Bailey published in Columbia Science and Technology Review that examines the importance of considering synergies among different technologies incorporated into complex products when valuing patents. He has also written articles and given presentations on economic approaches to licensing negotiations, the valuation of intellectual property, and economic issues that arise in ITC proceedings.


  • Senior Consultant, NERA Economic Consulting
  • Research Assistant, Department of Economics, University of California, Berkeley
  • Research Assistant, Public Policy Institute of California, San Francisco
  • Senior Analyst, Cornerstone Research

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Dr. Lopez earned his PhD and BA in economics from the University of California, Berkeley.

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