Dr. Haider Presented on Economics, Antitrust Class Actions & the Capper-Volstead Act


Dr. Haider participated in a panel discussion at the conference New Antitrust Risks for Cooperatives and How to Protect Your Business in Uncertain Times, hosted by Crowell & Morning, where she spoke about the role of economic analysis in antitrust class action cases involving agricultural production and the Capper-Volstead Act.  She described Rule 23(b)(3) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure governing class actions and described how economic analysis can be utilized at the class certification stage to determine whether or not common issues "predominate" over individual issues.  Dr. Haider discussed the nature of economic arguments that typically arise in such class action cases.  She described economic analyses that may be conducted to determine whether impact on (or injury to) proposed class members can be assessed using evidence that is common to the class as opposed to evidence that is specific to individual class members.  Dr. Haider also discussed issues that arise when analyzing whether damages to a proposed class of customers can be calculated using a formulaic approach that relies only on generalized class-wide evidence or if instead, individualized evidence is required to make the assessment.

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