“Edgeworth Intelligence: China” Volume 1, Fall 2013

Edgeworth Intelligence: China

Edgeworth Economics is pleased to announce the launch of the “Edgeworth Intelligence: China” newsletter, which discusses recent publications, cases, presentations, and events of Edgeworth’s China Competition Economics practice area experts, highlighting key economic issues in antitrust matters.

The introductory issue of “Edgeworth Intelligence: China” discusses the work of Dr. Fei Deng and Dr. Gregory K. Leonard with the Anti-Monopoly Bureau under the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) in its review of the proposed UPS/TNT Express merger, and other recent publications, presentations, news, and events.

For more insights on this topic, read "Review of the Proposed UPS/TNT Express Merger", Edgeworth Intelligence: China” Volume 2, Spring 2014 and “Edgeworth Intelligence: China” Volume 3, Summer 2014.”


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