Managing Financial Product Data In Antitrust Cases

 In this article, published in Law360, Edgeworth Partners Dr. George Korenko and Matthew Milner build on their previously published best practices for managing data in antitrust cases, and discuss the additional considerations that become relevant when the data involves financial products.

Edgeworth Economics Launches Data Analytics Firm

The new offering will provide training and consulting to business operations professionals on data and statistical concepts and is designed to meet the growing demand for sound data analysis in a range of day-to-day business services including human resources and marketing.

Edgeworth Economics Origin Story

Over the course of 10 years, Edgeworth has brought together a group of the brightest, most rigorously trained economists in the industry. Learn about our story. 

Edgeworth Economics Celebrates 10th Anniversary

In Edgeworth’s first decade, the firm has become one of the world’s leading economic consultancies, distinguished at the forefront of antitrust, class certification, intellectual property, and labor and employment. 

Airlines Settle Long-Running Competition Dispute, Aided by Edgeworth Industry Study

Dr. John Johnson and Michael Kheyfets completed an analysis on behalf of Etihad Airways, which demonstrated that services introduced by Etihad have increased competition and consumer choice.

Jury Awards Damages for Edgeworth Client in Patent Infringement Suit

Edgeworth President Dr. Jesse David testified at trial regarding a reasonable royalty owed to DSM as a result of the alleged infringement. The jury determined that DSM’s valid patent had been infringed and awarded damages of $14.5 million.

Dr. Deborah Foster Testifies on Damages at Arbitration

An Edgeworth team reviewed the damages calculation provided by the opposing expert and provided a rebuttal report critiquing that analysis and providing alternative calculations.

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