Of Significance Podcast

  • 07.09.2024

    Problem: You've got to make sure you hire a proportionate distribution from the people applying to your company. Solution: Make a benchmark. Problem: You don't know what the right benchmark is. Solution: Listen to Steve, Nathan, and Brent talk about better ways to think about the characteristics one should be looking for in a benchmark. Problem: Oh wait, there are no other problems...

  • 07.09.2024

    In the case of Muldrow v. St Louis, the Supreme Court changed the standard required to show discrimination by employers. Brent, Nathan, and Steve chat about how this could change the way we investigate these kinds of cases and Brent has ideas about what companies could be keeping better track of when it comes to employee activity.

  • 07.09.2024

    Let's get meta right off the bat as Nathan, Brent, and Steve think about how we think about what's important. In this kickoff episode, they dive deep into the different ways things matter or mislead and Steve reminisces about a poll that came out when he was a wee lad.

  • 06.27.2024

    Edgeworth Economics' new podcast featuring experts Dr. Steve Bronars, Dr. Nathan Woods, and Brent Butgereit premieres soon. Check out our trailer here!

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