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Edgeworth’s consumer protection experts support clients facing allegations related to false advertising, product liability, data privacy, and consumer financial protection across all stages of litigation—from assisting with discovery, to providing economic analyses related to class certification and assessing potential damages at trial.

Our work includes both class action and individual action litigation support related to alleged product misrepresentation, product mislabeling, labeling omissions, product defects, cyberattack liability, release of sensitive and personally identifiable information in a data breach, inappropriate determination of product payments, improper overdraft fees, unauthorized fee-based program changes, and hidden lending fees.

We utilize our experts’ decades of professional experience analyzing economic and econometric issues in bet-the-company litigation to study claims of economic injury and damages across a broad range of industries, including consumer products, pharmaceuticals, financial services, transportation, manufacturing, technology, communications, nutritional supplements, and food products.

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  • Blog, 04.29.2024

    The use of economic analysis as a tool to assess issues in per se criminal antitrust violations has been a source of debate.

  • Blog, 04.12.2024

    Mike Kheyfets compiled a unique database of over 100 BIPA settlements and studied the evolution of damages issues BIPA litigation cases.  The research, including a look ahead to what the findings may mean for the future, were published today in Bloomberg Law.

  • Blog, 03.11.2024

    Sushrut Jain and Valentina Bernasconi discuss damages estimation in class action suits with allegations of excess "slack-fill" in the packaging of consumer goods.

  • Blog, 10.11.2023

    Artificial intelligence (“AI”) has long been a hot topic across various industries, including the legal sector, especially with the recent breakthrough of innovative generative AI system—Large Language Model (“LLM”) applications like ChatGPT that can process and generate humanlike text in real-time. These technologies can revolutionize the way legal cases are managed, making it more critical than ever for professionals in the legal industry to learn how to harness the power of generative AI to their advantage—and to understand the limits of its capabilities.

  • Blog, 10.05.2023

    U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn's decision in Federal Trade Commission v. Neora LLC in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas last week marks a landmark victory for the direct selling industry.[1]

  • Blog, 08.08.2023

    Biotechnology companies Natera and CareDx have been engaged in a prolonged legal battle regarding the validity of patents covering methods of cell-free DNA analysis for noninvasive monitoring of organ transplant rejection. The case has been lauded by the legal community as the “last chance for diagnostic patents” to be reviewed by the Supreme Court.[1]

  • Blog, 02.07.2023

    In July 2021, the White House ordered the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to promote competition in consumer financial markets through enforcement actions or rule-making. As a result, the CFPB is now poised to begin regulating and enhancing competition in consumer finance.

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