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Edgeworth provides expert testimony as well as litigation and business and regulatory consulting to lawyers, companies, and government agencies that are making strategic decisions. Our experts use sophisticated data analysis and sound economic theory to address relevant issues, explaining their work in ways that are easy to understand by non-economists including attorneys, businessmen, judges, and jurors. Explore the cases below to sample our work.

Deborah Foster was retained by the defendant in a wage and hour case, Mkhitarian v. Bank of the West, in which employees at branches of a California bank alleged that their employer violated California law by “failing to pay them for all hours worked, missed, short, late, and/or interrupted meal periods and/or rest breaks.”

Edgeworth CEO Dr. John Johnson, working with Principal Consultant Dr. David Colino, was retained by AMN Healthcare, a major healthcare staffing company, in an antitrust matter brought by a competitor alleging Section 1 and Section 2 claims.

Edgeworth was retained to respond to the analyses and opinions put forward by Plaintiff’s economic experts. Dr. Colino submitted an expert report in the case analyzing issues relevant to market definition, market power, harm to competition (including pro-competitive benefits of ACT’s alleged conduct), and damages, and was subsequently deposed.

Edgeworth Economics Partner Dr. Nathan D. Woods was retained by Ecolab, Inc. in a California lawsuit alleging improper payment of overtime.

In his expert report, Dr. Woods showed how adjusting individual pay rates under the state’s legislation, based on remediating any pay difference between men and women in the same job at the agency, would, counterintuitively, disadvantage women through larger average increases to men.

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