Edgeworth experts publish in a variety of scholarly and trade journals on a range of topics including economics, legal cases, and data analytics. Discover our most recent thoughts and findings here.

  • Published Article, Law360 | 04.26.2023

    Dr. Stephen Bronars of Edgeworth Economics analyzes the anticipated new salary thresholds for the Fair Labor Standards Act, expected to be proposed in May.

  • The Consumer Finance Monitor Podcast | 04.06.2023

    On The Consumer Finance Monitor Podcast, Edgeworth Principal Dr. Andrew Nigrinis and host Alan Kaplinsky discuss the concept of dark patterns, related regulatory action, and strategies for companies to reduce the risk of dark patterns allegations. 

  • Published Article, A condensed version of this article was published in Bloomberg Law | 03.07.2023

    Dr. Stephen Bronars of Edgeworth Economics analyzes the Federal Trade Commission’s stance that non-compete clauses reduce worker earnings across industries, saying that research doesn’t support this conclusion.

  • Our Curious Amalgam  | 01.10.2023

    In this podcast, Edgeworth partner Michael Kheyfets discusses the economics of valuing personal information and approaches to quantifying harm in data privacy litigation.

  • Published Article, Bloomberg Law | 09.19.2022

    What does it mean for “data” to have “value”? And what does it mean for the “value” of “data” to “be lost” as a result of unauthorized disclosure in a cyberattack?  This article provides an introduction for practitioners to the economic concepts behind these questions.

  • Published Article, ABA Antitrust Magazine | 09.13.2022

    In this article, Edgeworth CEO Dr. John Johnson and Edgeworth President Chuck Fields, along with Kirkland & Ellis Partner James H. Mutchnik, map the DOJ’s evolving position over time and discuss both the legal and economic reasons why it is improper to presume that all such agreements should be treated under a per se standard as de facto market allocation.

  • Published Article, Law360 | 06.13.2022

    The Congressional Progressive Caucus recently proposed an increase in the salary threshold that they claim will reach $82,732 by 2026 $1,591 per week. Businesses required to accurately record the work hours and accurately calculate regular rates of millions of managers and professionals, many of whom receive bonuses and commissions, are likely to face a considerable increase in compliance costs.

  • Published Article, Law360 | 05.16.2022

    In this article, Dr. George Korenko and Dr. Tram Nguyen identify dimensions along which, over aggregation and averaging, likely lead to findings of uninjured class members.

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