Navigating Antitrust Issues in the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries: Key Trends and Challenges Explored

06.21.2022 | 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm ET

Antitrust litigation in the life sciences sector has continued to grow and evolve, with a rapid mix of innovative theories and impactful court decisions over the past few years.  Pharmaceutical companies must constantly consider the changing landscape as they pursue their business strategies to avoid legal pitfalls, and attorneys must stay up-to-date on decisions and strategies that are shaping the next generation of litigation.

Listen as a panel of distinguished thought leaders organized by The Knowledge Group provide the audience with an in-depth discussion of the trends, developments, and critical issues surrounding pharmaceutical antitrust matters.  Our panel will provide the audience with insight on recent cases that are shaping the litigation battlefields of tomorrow, as well as thoughtful analysis of the key issues that separate the cases.  Using a phased approach, they will walk you through the background of these key cases, and separate out the implications for class certification, merits issues, and how expert testimony can be used most effectively.

Key topics that will be discussed in this course are:

  • Recent Pharmaceutical Antitrust Cases: An Overview
  • Critical Issues and Challenges in Class Certification
  • Considerations for Complex Merits Issues
  • Practical Guidance for Lifecycle Management
  • Implications for Expert Testimony
  • What Lies Ahead

More information about this webinar can be found here.


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