ACI’s 27th National Forum on Wage & Hour Claims and Class Actions


American Conference Institute’s Annual National Forum on Wage & Hour Claims and Class Actions is a venue for today's thought leaders to discuss nuances involved in defending against and managing the latest wage and hour claims and class actions. Among this year's most essential conference topics will be the panel, "The Latest on the New WhiteCollar Exemption Overtime Regulations: Analyzing the Practical Implications of the New Rules, Strategies for Minimizing Litigation Risks, and Defending Against Claims of Violation Once Litigation is Brought." Dr. Deborah Foster is among the panel's speakers and will present the economist's perspective on this major regulatory change. The panel will cover the following topics:

  • Examining the implications of the DOL’s new/proposed federal overtime regulations and “white collar exemption” requirements
  • Paying employees who no longer meet the salary basis test of the “white collar” exemption
  • The latest on the “duties” portion of the “white collar” exemption test 
  • What are the litigation risks associated with these new changes 
  • What organizational and/or pay practice changes will employers need to make to achieve business objectives and minimize the litigation risks?
  • The challenges associated with restructuring and reclassifying workers as hourly-paid employees to avoid overtime payment – adapting new policies and practices to track hours worked by employees whose time wasn’t tracked before 
  • Trends in white collar exemption litigation 
  • DOL enforcement strategies 
  • What damages can a private litigant recover in these claims?
  • Strategies for defending against claims of violation once litigation is brought

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