Preparing for the New DOL White Collar Exemption Rules


In light of the increased salary requirement for the white collar exemption included in the Department of Labor’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, many firms are evaluating whether to reclassify some of their exempt employees to non-exempt (in which case they will have to pay overtime) or increase the employee’s salaries to meet or exceed the new threshold. The employee’s work hours are critical to properly evaluate the available alternatives, but most firms do not have reliable measures of work hours for exempt employees. Furthermore, with the potential for a change in the duties test for the white collar exemption, firms will likely need to understand what tasks their employees are performing and the portion of time spent in each to ensure proper classification.

In this webinar, to be hosted by Bridgeport Continuing Education Programs, Edgeworth Economics Partners Chuck Fields and Dr. Deborah Foster will join Dr. Brandy Ware and Dr. Anand Subramanian of JFA Associates, in exploring these issues. The panelists will provide several options available to estimate work time and understand employees' activities so that firms can make informed decisions regarding employee classification.

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