Proving Market Power in Unilateral Conduct Cases | ABA Section of Antitrust Law

Event Sponsor: ABA Section of Antitrust Law

Economic analysis of market power is crucial to unilateral conduct cases. Defining the impacted market and establishing the power of the alleged antitrust violator over the market require careful consideration of economic evidence by the court or agency hearing the matter.

Edgeworth Economics President Dr. Jesse David will speak in this ABA Antitrust Law Section webcast, entitled “Proving Market Power in Unilateral Conduct Cases” on June 30, 2020. This program will provide an overview of techniques for assessing market power, including both direct evidence and indirect evidence approaches. The panelists will discuss common pitfalls in market power analysis as well as common issues that can impact market power analysis, such as intellectual property, industry regulation, and platform competition.

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