Changing the Renewable Fuel Standard Point of Obligation

In this report—commissioned by Growth Energy, an organization leading the effort to increase awareness of ethanol—Edgeworth Economics evaluates the economic arguments from a number of companies and industry groups petitioning the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to change the rules governing the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), as well as the EPA’s responses in its proposed denial to these petitions. Edgeworth’s analysis further provides independent opinions regarding the economic issues at stake.

The report is an adjunct to Growth Energy’s detailed comments submitted to the EPA on February 22, 2017. Growth Energy’s comments and the Edgeworth analysis detail how a shift in point of obligation would be detrimental to growing the renewable fuels marketplace and would ultimately undermine an energy policy that has cut oil imports and reduced transportation-related emissions.

The Edgeworth report and related press release can be found on the Growth Energy website.


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