Favorable Settlement in Canadian Packaged Ice Antitrust Lawsuit


Washington, D.C. – Edgeworth Economics client, Reddy Ice, Inc., was accused of allocating territories in the packaged ice industry.  Dr. John Johnson was retained by Reddy Ice to submit an expert report before the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario, Canada regarding the appropriateness of class-wide treatment.  Dr. Johnson concluded that determining the fact of antitrust injury for each member of the proposed class would require individualized analysis and further that a formulaic approach to damages, using class-wide evidence, would fail to provide accurate measures of harm.  The plaintiffs settled with Reddy Ice’s co-defendant, Arctic Glacier, subsequent to the filing of Dr. Johnson’s report.  Reddy Ice made no payment and received a full release from the plaintiffs.  See Reddy Ice’s quarterly report for additional details.  


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