Matthew Milner is a co-founder of Edgeworth Economics and chairs the firm’s Privacy & Data Security practice. He assists counsel and corporations with extracting, transforming, and analyzing large transactional databases for use in litigation, criminal investigations, and public policy and regulatory matters, bringing economic and econometric expertise to matters in antitrust damages and class certification. In all areas, Mr. Milner seeks to make the issues related to data management and complex analyses simple and easily understood by clients, judges, and jurors alike.

In antitrust litigations, Mr. Milner works with individual clients and joint defense groups to build and analyze complex data from SAP, Oracle, and legacy systems. Mr. Milner manages data collections across companies internationally, developing sophisticated empirical models while effectively communicating their results in a sensible and straightforward manner. Mr. Milner constructs and analyzes data to support economic testimony for mediation clients and serves as a consulting data expert for joint defense groups in antitrust litigations and criminal investigations. He also assists clients with responding to Second Requests during merger analyses.

Mr. Milner brings his data management expertise to analyzing economic issues in class certification matters in a variety of contexts, including antitrust and labor matters. He works effectively with counsel and companies to identify appropriate databases and variables across products, divisions, and companies as required during the discovery process. Mr. Milner also coordinates the turnover, cleaning, database construction, and econometric analysis pertinent to expert testimony in high stakes litigations.

In cases involving data breaches, Mr. Milner works with businesses and counsel to identify and analyze data systems to assess exposure and potential damages. Mr. Milner works with clients to understand the relationships between databases and how the data can be used to determine the size of the breach, quantify the number of potentially impacted records, and identify where those account holders are located.

Mr. Milner’s experience spans a host of industries, including agriculture products, high technology goods, retail consumer products, and wholesale distribution. He has worked on litigation matters before state and federal courts and antitrust agencies in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and regularly consults for Fortune 500 businesses.


  • American Bar Association
    • Science and Technology Section
    • Antitrust Section
    • Labor and Employment Section
  • International Association of Privacy Professionals
  • Information Systems Security Association


  • Vice President, Criterion Economics
  • Consultant, NERA Economic Consulting  

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Case Highlights

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  • News, 10.12.2010

    Washington, D.C. - In the most recent issue of the ABA’s Antitrust Practitioner, Edgeworth experts Dr. John Johnson, Mr. Boris Vabson, and Mr. Matthew Milner discuss the impact of the Third Circuit’s In re Hydrogen Peroxide decision on ongoing as well as prospective class certification proceedings.

  • News, 06.25.2010

    Washington, D.C. - In Law360, Edgeworth Senior Vice President Matthew Milner opined on the reliability of structured data in litigation, writing “Structured data is frequently the foundation of expert analysis in litigation for a variety of damages and liability issues. Often, statistical analyses prepared by experts are based on structured data from the parties to the litigation.



  • Agricultural 
  • Automotive Parts
  • Batteries
  • Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Displays
  • Chemicals
  • Computer Memory Parts
  • Confections
  • Data Management
  • Electronic Communication Networks
  • Financial Services
  • Food Preservatives
  • Liquid Crystal Displays
  • Medical Supplies
  • Money Transfers
  • News and Information
  • Network Centric Systems
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Vitamins
  • Waste Management
  • Wholesale Distribution


Matthew Milner received his MBA from The George Washington University School of Business and his BA in economics and political science from Hobart College.

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