Antitrust Economics Workshop | Fordham Competition Law Institute

Fordham Law School
Event Sponsor: Fordham Competition Law Institute

On September 11, 2019, Edgeworth Economics will co-host the Antitrust Economics Workshop at Fordham University. The Workshop is held in advance of the 46th Annual Conference on International Antitrust Law and Policy, hosted by Fordham’s Competition Law Institute.

Edgeworth CEO Dr. John Johnson will moderate the panel “At the Intersection of Labor and Antitrust: New Trends in Non-Poaching Litigation.” Panelists will include Edgeworth Principal Consultant Dr. David Colino. Topics will cover recent non-poaching cases, the implications of these cases, and the role of economic analyses involved in class actions.

Edgeworth Partner Michael Kheyfets will speak on the panel, “Economic and Legal Issues in Indirect Purchaser Class Actions.” Speakers will discuss the latest developments in the economic and legal issues in indirect purchaser class actions.


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