DOL Overtime Exemption Rule is Final: Key Compliance Deadlines and Immediate Action Items


Employers have until December 1 to be in compliance with the DOL's final overtime exemption rule, which is predicted to impact more than 4 million salaried workers across the country. These workers will become newly eligible for overtime in just a few weeks, leaving little time to reclassify employees to non-exempt status, communicate the practical impact the change will have on those newly overtime-eligible employees, and train the workforce on proper timekeeping and reporting to ensure overtime compensation is paid as owed.

In this live webinar, Dr. Nathan Woods and Fortney Scott attorney Burton Fishman will navigate the exact action plan employers need to set into motion now to ensure being in compliance by the effective date of the DOL’s final rule. Other key discussion topics include duties tests, tips for employers in various industries, the new salary basis and minimum salary threshold, and more.

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