DOL Overtime Exemption Rule is Final | Understanding Immediate Action Items and Key Compliance Dates


The Department of Labor has issued its much-anticipated Final Rule profoundly redefining white collar exemption under the FLSA.

BLR Business and Legal Resources will host a webinar on the action plan employers need to set into motion now to ensure that compliance is met on December 1, 2016, the effective date of the DOL’s final rule. Edgeworth Economics Partner Dr. Nathan Woods will present on the factors that are facing employers who must decide whether to increase salaries or reclassify affected workers as non-exempt.

The event will cover:

  • The timeline for implementation and the action plan for ensuring you’re ready by the rule’s effective date later this year
  • The practical impact the final rule has on the duties tests 
  • Tips for employers in various industries as they work through their white-collar exemption classifications under the administrative, professional, and executive exemptions 
  • The new salary basis and minimum salary threshold 
  • How cost of living adjustments to the salary threshold may moderate budgetary pressure and lower wage compression
  • How bonuses will factor into the salary threshold amount

A Q&A period will be held at the conclusion of the webinar, 

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