Wage & Hour Class Actions: Hot Buttons to Watch for in 2016


Wage & Hour Class Actions: Hot Buttons to Watch for in 2016

In the recent years, wage and hour class action litigation remained the most common type of litigation that outpaced all other types of workplace class actions. As these kind of class actions are comparatively easy to prosecute, employees are empowered to file a lawsuit against employers violating wage and hour laws. The number of lawsuits related to wage and hour violations increases incessantly each year, creating a higher chance for non-compliant companies to face greater risks of being sued.

In this two-hour live webcast, hosted by The Knowledge Group, Dr. Deborah Foster will serve on a panel of seasoned leaders and professionals who will help the audience understand the most important aspects of Wage and Hour Class Actions. The panel will also provide an in-depth discussion of the new variations involved in defending and managing the latest wage and hour claims and class actions.

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