Edgeworth experts provide economic valuations of patents for legal and business clients.  Our analyses are used by clients in a variety of contexts, including tax strategies and the anticipation of potential litigation in the context of mediations and early-stage negotiations for one-way or cross-licenses. We also offer valuations of patented technologies for licensing or partnership opportunities. 

Our licensing and valuation experts work with clients to answer strategic economic questions, such as:

  • How can parties to a cross-licensing negotiation assess the relative value of their portfolios or their respective “proud list” patents? 
  • Are there initial indicators of the economic value of the patents that can be assessed before engaging in costly litigation? 
  • Will existing licenses be sufficiently comparable that they set a benchmark for the patents-in-suit?
  • What is the economic value that can be generated by incorporating a new patented feature into existing products? How does that value-added compare to alternative methods?

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