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Edgeworth provides expert testimony as well as litigation and business and regulatory consulting to lawyers, companies, and government agencies that are making strategic decisions. Our experts use sophisticated data analysis and sound economic theory to address relevant issues, explaining their work in ways that are easy to understand by non-economists including attorneys, businessmen, judges, and jurors. Explore the cases below to sample our work.

Edgeworth Economics Partner Dr. Nathan D. Woods was retained in by a financial services company to provide ongoing data analysis of the firm’s compensation models and to address any potential causes for concern.

The Edgeworth team reviewed the damages calculation provided by the opposing expert and provided a rebuttal report critiquing that analysis and providing alternative calculations.

Edgeworth client Rose Acre Farms was found not liable for an alleged antitrust conspiracy to reduce the supply of chicken eggs in the US. 

Dr. Deborah K. Foster was retained as the testifying economist by two California hospitals—both part of the AHMC Hospital System.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Jesse David testified at trial on behalf of Royal DSM regarding a reasonable royalty owed to DSM as a result of alleged patent infringement.

Edgeworth Chief Executive Officer Dr. John H. Johnson and Partner Michael Kheyfets completed an analysis on behalf of Etihad Airways, which demonstrated that services introduced by Etihad have increased competition and consumer choice.

An Edgeworth Economics team was retained to consult on behalf of C&S Wholesale Grocers in a matter alleging that C&S and SuperValu conspired to not compete for retail grocery customers in the Midwest and New England.

Dr. Nathan Woods was retained on behalf of a shared economy transportation company to analyze driver and route data in response to misclassification allegations made by independent contractors.

The arbitration board cited Dr. David’s analysis on behalf of the Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad in its decision, awarding wage increases commensurate with the comparability analysis he presented at the hearing.

The Edgeworth team reviewed coded time records to identify shifts where meal period deductions occurred without a recorded meal period and determine whether recorded meal periods were compliant.

An Edgeworth Economics team was retained on behalf of Defendants in a multi-district class action alleging collusion among manufacturers of gypsum wallboard (or “drywall”).

Dr. Deborah Foster applied the California overtime rules to the rounded and non-rounded time records. Ultimately, the client won on summary judgment.

Edgeworth Economics evaluated the economic arguments from a number of companies and industry groups petitioning the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to change the rules governing the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), as well as the EPA’s responses in its proposed denial to these petitions. 

Dr. Nathan Woods analyzed time clock data and testified at trial regarding his conclusions that the alleged time keeping exceptions were idiosyncratic and rare, and that variation among the proposed class of employees was inconsistent with the allegations of a systematic policy or practice of denying meal break payments.

An Edgeworth Economics team was retained on behalf of Pool Corporation and its subsidiaries (“Pool”) in a multi-district class action alleging violations of antitrust laws in regard to the distribution of products used for the construction and maintenance of swimming pools (“Pool Products”). 

Dr. Deborah Foster’s valuation of claims related to rest breaks and post-shift work time were presented in US Bankruptcy Court in order for a national retailer to receive court approval of a bankruptcy restructuring plan.

A joint defense group retained Edgeworth Economics to analyze class certification and damages issues related to the allegations. 

An Edgeworth team calculated damages related to constructive discharge and failure to rehire claims. Edgeworth Partner Dr. Deborah K. Foster submitted an expert report in US District Court on behalf of the defendant.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Nathan D. Woods analyzed available opt-in responses to questions regarding alleged overtime hours worked in a class action involving allegations of misclassification.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Nathan D. Woods has extensive experience working with companies on multi-year, multi-matter litigation and comprehensive consulting projects. 

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Nathan D. Woods has designed samples, submitted reports, and testified to the statistical reliability of sampling approaches relating to health care disputes and wage and hour class actions. 

Principal Consultant Sushrut Jain was retained by the Defendant in the class certification stage of Mirabella v. Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Deborah K. Foster provided deposition testimony in a single plaintiff suit brought against a national automotive parts and repair chain.

Edgeworth economists have worked extensively to support DC Legal Aid projects.

Edgeworth Chief Executive Officer Dr. John H. Johnson, working with Partner Matthew Milner, was retained by grocery wholesalers in an alleged conspiracy litigation matter.

Edgeworth's client receives $100 million settlement prior to trial.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Deborah K. Foster provided a declaration and deposition testimony in a California class action matter involving meal periods.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Stephen G. Bronars submitted an expert report and testified before an administrative law judge in a case involving whether or not a state wage survey was methodologically sound and reliable for the purpose of establishing prevailing wages.

Edgeworth Partner Michael Kheyfets was retained to design an economic model and provide testimony on issues related to a petition filed by the owner of a rent-controlled property requesting a substantial rent increase.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Nathan D. Woods worked on a confidential class action matter related to a wide array of allegations of gender discrimination.

Edgeworth Partner Chuck Fields provided expert testimony in a wrongful termination matter involving allegations that Supervalu, Inc. had inappropriately terminated an employee due to her age.

Several Edgeworth experts provided economic analysis and testimony during multiple phases of the litigation on behalf of Hershey, Mars, and Nestle.

Edgeworth Partner Michael Kheyfets advised a large telecommunications provider on the economics of a new product going to market.

Edgeworth Chief Executive Officer Dr. John H. Johnson, working with Edgeworth Partners Chuck Fields and Mike Kheyfets, used the available data to demonstrate that the allegations made by the EEOC were belied by the data. 

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Jesse David  completed analysis of comprehensive concussion and injury data for the 2012 NFL season, along with comparisons to prior seasons going back to 2004.

Edgeworth was retained by Transitions Optical and Essilor of America in a litigation matter.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Jesse David performed a scenario analysis to estimate the impacts on various sectors of the U.S. economy of a waiver of renewable fuel standard volume requirements.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Jesse David and other Edgeworth economists provided an estimate of damages due to re-ordering of bank transactions across a group of depositors in Trombley v. National City Bank.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Deborah K. Foster analyzed allegations of age discrimination for an alleged class of terminated employees.

Edgeworth economists reviewed and validated a commercial real estate market model used to forecast supply, demand, vacancies, and rents in markets across the U.S.

Edgeworth Economics was retained by a major commercial real estate research and analytics firm to validate its quantitative credit risk product, which forecasts default and loss outcomes for a broad range of commercial mortgage and securitized loans.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Laila Haider submitted an expert report on behalf of SUPERVALU after the national grocery supply chain was accused of unlawful termination of an employee due to his age.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Nathan D. Woods submitted an expert report and was deposed in a California meal breaks class action.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Stephen G. Bronars testified in federal court in a case challenging new rules issued by the Department of Labor governing the H2B visa program.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Nathan D. Woods was retained by an energy company to assess its payroll practices and determine extent to which the company was failing to meet certain FLSA thresholds.

Edgeworth Economics was retained by POET, the world’s largest ethanol producer, to assess the impact of automotive emission regulations on the markets for gasoline and ethanol.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Jesse David filed testimony before the National Energy Board of Canada regarding the impact on a petroleum products refinery of rationing capacity on a crude oil pipeline.

Edgeworth Partner Dr. Jesse David has provided research and expert opinions on the issue of pipeline market power for ratemaking proceedings and other actions before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Edgeworth experts provided damages testimony in an antitrust litigation concerning the markets for ready-mix concrete.

Edgeworth Chief Executive Officer Dr. John H. Johnson and Partner Matthew Milner provided expert testimony related to damages and consulting services in Univac Dental Co. et al. v. Dentsply International, Inc.

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